Fountain Beverage Solutions


Talk to an expert 

We will troubleshoot your situation with you and help you fix it or find a low cost solution

Design on a new beverage layout

We can help design or install the new program 

Fix it and forget it

No time to fix the problem yourself? We will fix it for you.

Keep your beverages tasting great 

We will design and implement a maintenance program that works for you

Need a part

We will help you identify what you need and deliver it for you



Thank! the video worked and that was the problem at hand. thank you for your help, I am now a soda technician.                            

-Ryan Flattery

Cleaning up syrup lines
Brix wunder bar gun
Change a bag in the box
Finding CO2 leaks 
How to brix flavors
How to change a LEV valve
Cleaning Tractor nozzles and drain
How to Set Up Tractor Bubbler Machines
How to Program the Potentiometer for Crushed Ice
Tractor Bubbler Chipotle Roll-out Site Survey Walk Through 
Leak cause: Ice maker drain clog
Step by step videos saving you time and money

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Donastar work?

We connect with your team to determine the problem you are having. Donastar gives you tools and advice so that you can address issues yourself. If necessary, we use our extensive network of service options to find the most efficient solution to solve the issue.


Does Donastar service my area?

We have service partners throughout North America. There are some zip codes that we do not service but more often than not we are able to help. Contact us to find out more. 


What type of restaurant hospitality and food service locations does Donastar service?

We have experience with and can support any restaurant hospitality or food service property in our service area. 


Does Donastar service ice machines?

We can recommend service providers for many types of ice makers. Contact us for more detail.


What types of fountain beverage problems can Donastar help me with?

We are able to help you with any type of fountain beverage dilemma that you are faced with. We can support most equipment manufacturers in the marketplace today.  


Does Donastar recommend water filtration options?

Yes. We have a lot of experience with water filtration solutions. Contact us to learn more. 


Does Donastar service hot beverages, like coffee?

Currently, we focus on cold fountain beverage support. Check back with us soon to see if our services have expanded to hot beverages.


Can Donastar recommend new products for

our store?

Yes. We work with a number of beverage companies and can help put you in touch with whatever type of beverage program you are looking to add. Contact us for more information