Please fill out the form that pertains to your service request
1. Donastar Service Completion Form 
   Complete the form above, on-site, after finishing service
2. Aquahealth Service Completion Form 
         Complete the form above, on-site,  when performing an Aquahealth service 
3. Service Video Upload
          Complete the form above, on-site, to upload a video to assist with the service request
4. Copper Water Tie-in Plumbing
          Complete the form above, on-site, while performing copper plumbing services 
5. Equipment Removal Form 
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Site Surveys
1. Customer Pre-installation Checklist
          Complete the form above, on-site, before installation
2. Donastar Pre-installation Survey 
          Complete the form above, on-site,  when performing a site survey before the actual service
3. Smart Soda Site Survey
          Complete the form above, on-site, after finishing a site survey for Smart Soda
4. Chipotle Site Survey
           Complete the form above, on-site, to prepare for installation
Installation Completion
1. Chipotle - Tractor Installation Completion 
           Complete the form above, on-site, during the installation
2. Service Partner Installation Completion
           Complete the form above, on-site, during the installation


19363 Willamette Drive #312

West Linn, OR 97068 USA

Chipotle Installation Videos

Install Copper Tie-In For A Beverage Filler 
Install the Steel Plug on Countertop 
Installing a Stabilizer 
Drilling Hole for Bubbler
Installing a 3/8" Compression Water Tie-In
Installing a Beverage Filler 
How to Set Up Tractor Bubbler Machines
How to Assemble a Donastar Water Filter
Chipotle: Prevent Beverage Filler Nozzle from Clogging
How to Find Location and Install the Donastar Water Filter 
How to Clean Aquahealth Dispenser 
Chipotle: Fix Beverage Filler Nozzle if Stuck in 'open' Position
Chipotle: Chipotle Beverage Filler shut off procedures

 Installation Videos

Part 3: Adding the CO2 Circuit 
Part 1: Adding Pumps to BIB Rack 
Part 4: Connecting Water and Dispenser 
Part 2: Connecting BIB Lines